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About Us

Oh The Pain, Major information OVERLOAD, ever feel like that?

I get it All the time, constantly learning, learning, learning, and the more I learn, the less I know

    People who are close to me call me Freddy, been at this Internet Marketing Game for a long time. Dismal failure most of it :) But the reality is that the struggle was just the preparation for true understanding. The undeniable truth that I can not do this alone. So, I want to thank ALL the people who have emailed me their offers over the years, you kept the Dream A Live for me in your Copy. I was able through the years to see who stuck around, kept at it, did well. I am still on their Lists, Email that is. 
    What is interesting to me is the fact that, I never had a clue I would be doing this today. Over 35 years of my Life was spent Commercial Fishing. Yes I am a College graduate who went Commercial Fishing, I just Loved it. I have had the ability because of my struggle at this IM business, to know good offers, bad offers, and Great offers. Believe me I bought bad ones in my time. The funny thing about it all though is, most of the bad was Me. The belief in, I can do this. The persistent unrelenting Drive to keep at it no matter what. A lot of the struggle also is other peoples influence, "What..Another Get Rich Quick Scheme" Can you just hear it? Ringing in your ears, in your head, just Drilled in there, to keep you from believing in your self. 

    Well welcome aboard, we are not doing that here, in fact, this is a place of encouragement. This is a place of growth, nurturing the Entrepreneurial  Spirit to Thrive. To rebuild the belief in ones self, yes, you can do this. I give you permission, Yes, you are aloud to do this, to make money from your computer, it's ok. So, with that said....Welcome aboard :) 

Welcome to
Mesmer Enterprises

Learn..Do..Teach..Live..Breathe..Email, IM, ECommerce.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained. Many Failures leading to Great Successes 
I'd rather fail and say I tried, gave it my best shot, than to have regret for not
 having tried at all, that would be the greatest failure. Embrace The Suck :) 

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Mesmer Enterprises

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